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Deep Root Fertilization

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Just like any other plant, your trees need water, sunlight, and nutrients to survive. While it’s easy for most trees to get enough sunlight and water, it can sometimes be difficult for them to get the right amount of nutrients. Deep root fertilization can solve this problem. Murfreesboro Tree Care offers professional deep root fertilization services that will help your trees to grow stronger and healthier. Regularly fertilizing your trees can also reduce the risk of tree diseases and illness. If you think your trees could benefit from deep root fertilization, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We can provide fertilization services that will keep your trees healthy all year long.

Do I Need to Fertilize my Trees?

How do you know if your trees need fertilizing? Yellow leaves are a major side effect of unhealthy trees. The decay of the tree can also indicate that your trees need to be fertilized. Trees that are in cities or trees that are not native to your area will also need to be fertilized more than trees that are in their natural habitat. If you always remove your Fall leaf litter, your trees are missing out on plenty of nutrients. Our team has years of experience and will inspect your trees to determine the best way to fertilize and care for them.

Deep Root Fertilization Benefits

The best time to deep root fertilizes is in the Spring. Your roots will be able to absorb the nutrients they need easier. The nutrients will help your trees grow and will help them resist problems like disease, insect infestations, and drought. Our team uses a fertilizer injection system that will deliver the right amount of nutrients to your tree and its root systems. Deep root fertilization is extremely reliable and will ensure your trees have the nutrients they need to live long and healthy lives.

Deep Root Fertilization Services

Murfreesboro Tree Care is available to provide deep root fertilization services for any type of tree. Our team has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to provide the best tree care services in Murfreesboro. We use specialized equipment to inject our fertilizers 8-12” inches into the surface around your tress. This makes it easier for the nutrients to get to the roots and will help protect your trees and let them live healthy lives.

Tree Care and Maintenance Services

Taking care of your trees all year long will ensure they live long and healthy lives. Regularly trimming and pruning dead or dying branches and limbs will help promote new and healthier branches to grow. Murfreesboro Tree Care offers the best tree care and maintenance services in Murfreesboro, TN.  Our team can provide one-time and regularly scheduled tree trimming services for commercial and residential clients. We have years of experience helping tree owners care for their trees. We are available today to provide the best tree care and maintenance services in Tennessee. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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