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Insect and Disease Control

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Your trees are susceptible to a wide range of insect problems and diseases. If not cared for quickly, they can kill your tree and spread it to your other trees. Don’t let your trees die. Our team offers professional insect and disease control services for clients in Murfreesboro, TN. Murfreesboro Tree Care can solve the most dangerous insect and tree disease problems in Tennessee. We can save your trees from emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle, or moth infestations. Common tree diseases include thousand canker disease, hemlock woolly adelgid, and sudden oak death. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you need help taking care of your sick trees. We can arrive, inspect and diagnose your trees today.

Types of Insect Problems in Tennessee

Insect infestations can be devasting to your trees. If not cared for quickly, you could easily lose your tree and the infestation can spread to other trees. Many different insects can cause serious damage to your trees. Asian long-horned beetles, emerald ash borer, gypsy moths, and winter months are some of the most common problems we encounter in Tennessee. Our team of professional arborists has years of experience solving the toughest insect infestation problems in Tennessee.

Insect Control Services for your Trees

Murfreesboro Tree Care is the premier insect infestation team in Murfreesboro. We have years of experience providing professional tree care services that will rid your trees of any insect infestation. We use the latest eco-friendly techniques to eliminate any type of insect infestation that your trees might experience. Insects can pose an extreme and immediate danger to your trees. Any type of infestation needs to be eliminated quickly to ensure your trees are healthy and the infestation doesn’t spread to other trees. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today if you need insect control services for your trees.

Disease Control Services for your Trees

There is also a wide range of diseases that can plague trees in Tennessee. The team of expert arborists at Murfreesboro Tree Care can help you solve any tree disease. We have years of experience providing services that will keep your trees disease-free. Common diseases we experience in Tennessee are verticillium wilt, rose rosette disease, anthracnose, and thousand cankers disease. All these diseases can be serious problems and should be dealt with as soon as possible. If you think your trees are suffering from a disease, feel free to email or call our team today.

Tree Care and Maintenance Services

Properly caring for your trees all year long can help reduce the risk of disease or insect infestation. Our team of certified arborists has years of experience providing safe and reliable tree care and maintenance services that will keep your trees growing healthy and strong. We are available today to provide tree trimming, fertilization, and many other services that will keep your trees growing strong. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more info or to schedule a free consultation.

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