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Our Services

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If you would like to hear more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to give our team a call. All the staff at Murfreesboro Tree Care are trained and experienced arborists. We have years of experience helping property owners tend to and care for their trees and landscape. Our tree and bush trimming services will help keep your landscape looking great and will help your plants grow fuller and healthier. We also provide a wide range of services that can help your sick or damaged trees. Tree cabling and bracing will ensure your damaged trees can survive and live a long and healthy life. Deep root fertilization services will ensure your trees get the nutrients they need to flourish. Our insect and disease control services can help any tree survive local insect and disease infestations. If you are interested in our tree care services don’t hesitate to give our team a call or email us by using the contact form on this website.

  • Tree and Bush Trimming
  • Tree and Stump Removal
  • Tree Cabling and Bracing
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Insect and Disease Control
  • Storm Damage Cleanup

Do you have trees that need to be removed from your property? We also offer fast, safe, and affordable tree removal services. Cutting a tree down can be extremely dangerous and should always be handled by a professional. Murfreesboro Tree Care has the team, equipment, and expertise to ensure your trees are safely removed. Once removed, we also offer affordable stump removal services. Was your property recently hit by a storm. Clean up can be extremely difficult and we’re here to provide affordable storm damage cleanup services.

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